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Citrine, bright


The sunshine crystal. The particular crystal (above nestled in the Grand Canyon) that is helping me I found next door to the Sunshine State on our road trip from Vegas to San Francisco, in Sedona, Arizona. Its a powerhouse crystal and one much needed at the moment with my current predicament.

Citrine works wonders for the solar plexus. This seems to be where whatever physical manifestation this is is focused. The Solar plexus chakra, at the base of the rib cage in the centre of the torso is our personal power centre, willpower, ambition and I think stamina, which would explain why its an area for my own personal work because, at the moment, something is out of whack.

Yesterday i started working with my Citrine and today I have it by my side. Holding it I feel that it is nurturing me. Another yin-like feeling, maternal like I am being cradled and soothed. (This mostly like means I’ve being too hard on myself still) It also feels like it is opening areas, working on blocks. (Holding something back perhaps?) Not in the same way as the Apophyllite which had a cooler, more airy energy, Citrine is warmer and earthier.

Consequently this and a radical change in diet has lead to a perking up. (Woohoo!) I am still experiencing discomfort and feel like i have a permanent hangover but that tells me whatever it is is deep rooted so more work to come.

But thanks to my crystal companions I have plenty help.

7 thoughts on “Citrine, bright”

  1. I love citrine! I carry a small piece in my wallet ($ attractor) and use small citrine points in a manifestation grid I have near my bed. It is a powerhouse!

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  2. I made my own layout. I created a North South East West square using an abundance shaped spirit Quartz (natural phallic with smaller cluster at base), my blue Apatite (very special/powerful stone with a benevolent being living in) and two large citrine points. This square is points out (sending energy out).

    The corners (Southeast, Northwest, etc.) are the small citrine points and they are all points in (energy into center).

    I have a happy Buddha statue in the middle, adding his jovial energy to it all.

    The grid and Buddha sits on top of my handwritten manifestation wishes (I print out pictures I like on card stock paper and write on the back).


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