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Swingin’ sweet

I managed some work today after also managing to sleep through the entire morning.

I also spent some time with my pendulum. A constant crystal companion that has been with me for over 10 years, always close by but for some reason it wasn’t until today that I called on its support.

I remember when I first discovered pendulums on my crystal healing course.  It was a particular time in the course that I called “Harry Potter week” because we were exploring dowsing with pendulums, gem elixirs and using wands in healing sessions.  I had started the week fairly skeptical and open-minded at the same time (there’s that lovely paradox again) when our teacher told us what we would be doing. I ended the week feeling pretty amazed and excited about what I could now do after watching pendulums do strange things, mix different potions and wanding away threads of negative energy. Especially with the relationship I had developed with my pendulum.

Pendulum dowsing is the really fun part of working with crystals.  Where you might raise an ooh or an ahh when demonstrating.  My pendulum is a particularly hefty yang energy smokey quartz point who does like to show-off. (see pic)

But they are not just fun, they are practical healing tools, and incredibly useful for dowsing the energy levels of our chakras and auric field. So today I did some work with my pendulum dowsing my current condition.

Like all crystals, pendulums work best when you build a strong, loving relationship.  There is a particular meditation using visualisation techniques where you connect the particular essence of your pendulum which further strengthens the bond.  After that your pendulum will help you with explorations related to spirit (not your ego!) to assist a healing journey. With the chakra assessment you ask the pendulum to dowse a particular chakra by holding it between your thumb and forefinger (and middle finger if your wish) and when your energy is connected to it it will start to swing.  The pattern it makes will indicate what is going on in your chakra.  For instance if it is swinging in a flowing, clockwise motion the chakra is healthy. If it swinging side to side, pulling more to the left or right or chaning directions then energy is either blocked in some way or chaotic.  Predictably, my solar plexus chakra exhibited a major block which affirms my physical condition.

Even more exciting (especially for my inner scientist’s clipboard) you can take chakra assessments over time to chart progress.  This is great asset for healers to identify whether their treatment has been effective.  It can also help with personal development in delving into the emotional issues to which the chakra corresponds.  Unblocking emotional issues will then result in the visible unblocking of the chakra.

So this is my task now. I’ve taken my first assessment and have identified healing tools to help me.  But I’m still taking the boat, following the path my doctor has laid out for me.

Energy medicine can run alongside allopathic medicine, not against it.

If working with pendulums interests you, I would recommend a book by Barbara Ann Brennan called Hands of Light which was our source material on our course on how to interpret our pendulum results.  It also contains tons of information on how energy medicine works and harnessing our own energy for healing purposes.

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