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More lessons in gratitude (in London Town)

You don’t know what its got ’til its gone…

My message of the day. Luckily not completely gone but absent long enough for the message to get through. Appreciation, gratitude. It does start with the smallest things. Especially when those things you take for granted are taken away from you. Like eating what you want, or taking a walk when you feel like it.

Today i got to finish a meal and relish every mouthful. Sounds like one of those Facebook statuses about having a nice cup of tea and a muffin, hardly stuff of legend. But after this week it feels like a triumph for me.

I do wonder, well I think i might more than wonder, whether these little lessons in gratitude are related to the work I will do in my shop. Living in London in all its crazy, noisy, dirty, mixed-up glory can be a distraction to living simply, focussing on mindfulness and personal healing. It could be why I’ve had a love/loath relationship with the city ever since I decided to settle here.

I remember on my crystal healing course discussing living in a city with such a range of energy frequencies ready to steer us off course, block our progress, overwhelm us, and consequently thinking about choosing a life in the magical Middle-Earth of Cornwall or the mystical and eerie Wiltshire surrounded by beautiful energies, softness and calm. London felt like going into the “belly of the beast” as one friend put it. But ten years on, here I am.

Since I started writing this I had no idea I would end up reflecting on living in London I believe this is a message too.

There’s room in there to be grateful for this city, put away any feelings of worry and fear and see the beauty in this din of a beast.

No doubt I’d miss it if it wasn’t there.

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