Spiritual work

Views of the unexpected

Here we are again. The end of another month and time for my reflection on the last month’s posts. Well January,  you (and Mercury) really have kicked my arse.  I did not know it needed to be kicked but I bow to your ancient wisdom.

Now let’s see what my summary reveals…

1. Don’t just allow the space to be, be the space (thank you Eckhart)

2. Acknowledge where your dream is breaking through.  The clues were always there

3. Feeling fearful? Find strength by connecting to no-nonsense Malachite.

4. Let go with no expectations (still a lesson for me as clearly I had an expectation of not ending up in hospital)

5. When you release, enjoy the feeling of floating free

6. Visit your dream manifesting on the etheric plane. See it coming into being.

7. Allow life to be expressed through you.  Connect to what is emerging in the collective

8. Take U out of Guilt. You may have overdone it, but its done. No need to beat yourself up.

9. Find the right combination of purpose.  A shop and…

10. Check your conditioning. What do you see as indulgences? Are they really or is something in the way.

11. It was bound to happen so let it. (in fact it will happen again)

12. Recognise helpfulitis. Wait to be asked, no need to swoop in and rescue.

13. Watch the shadow sides of your traits. Use astrology to help guide the way

14. Expect a battering but don’t worry it’s just softening you up. (Round 1)

15. Equally, take pleasure in unexpectated gifts. You might need to look for them though.

16. Paradox.  Acknowledge that you live in this state.

17. Let the questions come. Don’t worry about the answers (part 1)

18. And find the questions too. They might not be where you are looking.

19. Take time to realign your energies. Apophyllite can support this.

20. Pay attention to the planets. Alignment. As above so below!

21. Pay close attention to what is happening around you. Stay connected with Labradorite

22. Celebrate Aquarians, especially awkward ones.

23. Allow the work you have set out to take place in the ether (as you have seen in the shop)

24. Recognise (and smile at) self-imposed limitations

25. Oi! You! Your solar plexus wants a word… (Round 2 battering)

26. Recognise help when it is offered to you. Take the boat

27. When things are at their darkest, hold on to hope.  There are others like you.

28. Your timetable is your own. Help is close by (aka Claire)

29. Citrine!!! Bring in some sunshine, let it sooth you.

30. Remember your pendulum? It remembers you.  Much wisdom and clipboard note taking to be had.

As you can see from my own annotations I am laughing at myself today and in a playful mood.  This is because I’m feeling better and I’ve spent the majority of the day surround by my crystals, indulging (using that word deliberately) in my own healing layout.  Healer heal thyself indeed.

So 31. Straight from Monty Python, all together now…

“Always look on the bright side of life”

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