Spiritual work

What’s the story, Jackanory

A friend said to me last week when we were discussing whether or not I had gallstones, that I love crystals so much I’ve decided to create my own! Loved that.

Well, Servane, I do and it appears I am. And these not-so-pretty rocks have been forming for quite some time too.

Having an ‘actual’ diagnosis of an ‘actual’ condition that can ‘actually’ be treated is a new one on me, since early adulthood at least. With M.E you get used to the possiblys, the maybe-but-not-quites and the no evidences ofs, so getting a definite of anything is like hearing the word yes after a thousand nos. You are convinced you mis-heard; the brain’s muscle memory so conditioned to the dismissals and shrugs. It is so …alien.

So ok then plot twist.

I thought I had this bit of my story figured out, chapters outlines done, just fill in the gaps. But no, the universe is telling me its not that easy. It will, whether I like it or not, be unfolding a day at a time.

Looking back to my first post why am I not surprised? A daily account of my journey to make my dream a reality. Did I think it was already written, that the plot was set?

Obviously not this time. As Uranus has not-so gently reminded me: I don’t get to skip to the end.

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