Spiritual work

Fruitful non-thinking

I decided, or rather my gallbladder decided, to do shorter hours in the office from this week.  I had planned to drop to two days per week but that does not appear practical. So yet again flow has found the right channel for me.  I’m happy with the level of movement that I get with the shorter days and the business has more HR presence than expected. Balance achieved.

Now to get back into the rhythm of working towards making my dream a reality on the days at home…

I’m raring to go again but I am currently asking the universe whether this hiatus is still in effect or whether I can “get mobile” as my Dad is fond of saying.

I have discovered, at least, that the questions I posed myself at the beginning of this period of Mercurial introspection have been on a voyage of discovery within my energy field because when asked today about what I was doing this for certain ideas suddenly tumbled out of me.  Half formed, slightly erratic ideas but worthy of further exploration and brand new to me and my vision.

Well then the non-thinking process is bearing fruit.  I have to admit to be quite relieved about that as the last week has seen me worry about my dream moving away from me not towards.  Today was affirmation that non-thinking and non-action are just as effective tools as their counterparts.

And they (the upstairs lot) know that that I “knew” that.  Just needed a little reinforcement to bring it out.

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