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Revenge of Stompy Girl

With the transit Moon and Mars winging their way to meet my Aries ascendant and currently trining my own fiery natal Mars, this being a rather explosive day was definitely written in the stars.

That cacophony of fiery energy made its way through to the stompy girl inside and out she came in a fury. Took me quite by surprise.

I have always had the ability to rationalise, look at the silver lining, the lesson which can be a great strength to get through a difficult realisation. But maybe sometimes this strength can get in the way of letting out that blocked energy from the stompy girl inside, irrational and volcanic. Every strength has its weakness, every weakness a strength. Like yin and yang shows us, nothing is dualistic.

But now that energy has been released. The frustration, the anger, the shock, the disbelief of the last few weeks, back out into the ether. (I will of course be calling on the always protective Archangel Michael to ensure any negative energy is transmuted…)

It reminds me a moment I shared with my Godmother as a child, when I was more stomp than girl. I was extremely upset about something (what is not relevant) and people were telling me to pull my socks up or that it could be worse in true stiff-upper lip Brit fashion but my Godmother didn’t do that. She sat and listened and introduced me to empathy. She said it doesn’t matter what caused your bad day, if its a bad day to you that’s what matters.

I’ve always remembered that. And as I was reflecting on that memory and my volcanic eruption, a wise and kind voice whispered “Don’t deny anyone’s pain, whatever that pain may be, even your own”

Maybe it was stompy girl, calmed after saying her piece reminding me of that day.

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