Spiritual work

Steadying hands

Today I got some time to connect with my work besties and explore options for moving my shop dream forward. There are the usual things to consider – funding, increasing awareness, getting out there and practising with a few stalls, fairs etc. All things I am conscious I want to move on yet there she is, the inner bestie, advising me to stay tuned in and follow the signs that are ready to appear.
I can sense that too. A feeling that a new phase is coming, that what is in place at the moment is about to expand as a result of my intentions and inner guidance. This needs to happen in flow rather than be forced. Patience is called for, again, lots of patience.

But my goodness, it’s hard. All that conditioning of what I consider progress to be, my definition of success, of the nature of planning. When people ask me how things are going it usually has something attached to it like have you found a space, money, clients, have you created something physical that we can see? Not that these are negative questions at all rather its my reaction to them where my learning lies. I sometimes justify, defend, change the subject to make it more palatable to the questioner rather than focus on how it feels to me. Sometime I find myself buying into the conditioning too and question myself as to my progress and allow frustration to take over.

But I am conscious that it is my own deeply embedded definition of progress and success that creates this reaction, a definition I am seeking to change. One which sometimes I find destabilising and alien.

Luckily my work besties get this and with them I can put that worry aside and share how transformational this process is, how much I have learnt and discovered. They might ask similar questions about progress initially but they value the non-physical and intuitive too. So whilst I had my own wobble and struggle with my definition of progess today, they helped me shift it significantly.

I think anyone embarking on this kind of intuitive, faith/hope based approach to following their dream needs people or forces like this. Steadying us when we start to lean.

Because there’s most likely a number of wobbles ahead.

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