Spiritual work

Go with the Wind

Late one for me tonight as I’ve just come back from a team dinner with my lovely work family.

I have such mixed mixed emotions about leaving this company.  Throughout my career I’ve searched for a particular HR experience.  I went to public, private, charity, large and small, national and local organisations and it took me to the last one to find the one place that I fit, I understood, that understood and fitted me.

In my more oscillating, what if moments, I wonder whether this is the universe telling me this is where I am meant to be.  Like Santiago’s own journey in Paolo Coehlo’s The Alchemist, was HR actually my home?  Has my happiness been there all along? Then the more negative and worrying thought…what if this is a mistake?  What if by following what I think is my dream I am actually straying off my path?

But regardless of the questions I have this deep inner knowing, an inner smiling in fact that this is not the case.  There is no right or wrong choice in the way I am choosing to define it.  It is a choice that I know is my next step.  Regardless of my HR experience it is time for me to follow this particular path wherever it goes.  I like to think of it like Mary Poppins (not that I am at all practically-perfect-in-every-way) realising that it is time to leave eventhough she clearly loves her own work family.

The wind has changed.

It is time to go.  My time there is done and it is someone else’s time now.   So holding on to my current work experience is holding onto energy meant to flow.  Staying would be syphoning off the energy which outside of its natural flow would stagnate.  I know this and I feel this.

So I will let go and leave as the universe intends, on a happy note.  A literal high vibration!

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