Space, Spiritual work

Re-purposing dream

My volcanic eruption on Saturday has really done the trick. I certainly feel like things are beginning to move if not leap forward.  I imagine I have the Martian energy to thank for this!

The phrase re-purposed buildings has entered my consciousness.  Its something I’ve known about, heard about and looked into in the past for different reasons but like the word, space, this phrase has just clicked into place and set up camp.

Ok so this would be the next phase then.

Other concept marching to meet re-purposed buildings in my consciousness is collective action and collaboration. Again things that have been with me for some time in some form another but not applied or rather connected to my own dream.

And what happens when you put re-purposed buildings and collective action together…?

We drove past an old pub building on Saturday night and noticed that it was still unoccupied,and has been for about 4 years.  It looks such a lovely space too.  I remembered seeing a pub in the South of London somewhere that had been repurposed for selling books and other keepsakes.  What a great idea.  It didn’t look like they had done much too it, just moved it and got on with it.  Different businesses together but all from the same community.  It also reminded me of a fantastic place in Tynemouth, near my home town with the romantic name of (Land of) Green Ginger.  An old church, repurposed for small shops and boutiques.  A frequent hangout in my goth days. Again. Click.

What came to mind was three or four like minded social businesses coming together to share a re-purposed building but not just sharing the space, truly connected in spirit and supporting each other.  Nothing new I know, collectives have been around for a long time but new to me and with the resources and support available now as well as the availability of empty spaces in the capital closer to reach than ever.

So today I set out to explore my idea by reaching out to some people who might know…

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