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Bending it Like Bikram girl, my good friend, blogger and keeper of all things Virgo came round for a catch up last night.  As it tends to go with us the night’s conversation was deep, mystical, metaphysical and eventually a bit barmy.  As I have mentioned previously, she is following her own dream to become a Bikram Yoga teacher and developer a pretty clever way of crowdfunding.  She asks people to set her challenges.  She then performs these challenges and adds them to her blog.  My particular favourite is the bizarre and smelly hat she was asked to make.

Last night I told her that I’d thought of a challenge for her.  I’m not going to share it here but it will soon appear on her own blog.  My Aquarian other half got in on the game and added a few embellishments.  Let’s just say we both have a shared mischievous streak!

Thus inspired by her, I have been thinking of my own options for crowdfunding today and not only crowdfunding but crowdsharing, crowdcreating, crowd…loving! Why does it need to stop at giving each other money?  One of the reasons I wanted to share my journey is that I don’t have all the answers myself. Not even half.  But maybe each of us have a little piece.  Each of us are incredibly creative beings, capable of amazing innovation given to us by having a unique perspective on life.  Half-baked ideas can become fully baked and delicious with collective support.

So I’ve decided to create a new page on my blog to collate and share ideas on how I can find the necessary resources to get my idea of the ground and also help others with their own ideas and dream following.  It could be around crowdfunding, re-purposing, motivation, manisfesting, connecting, intuitive business planning or something that hasn’t even entered my consciousness yet as an idea.

If you would like to connect and share, thank you and I offer you my gratitude.  We might start small but like my little Blue Lace Agate we could be be small, beautiful and full of power!

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