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Great, Blue Lace Agate

Another day of sorting and organising at my HR work today. All I could think of was the emails I sent yesterday to various organisations about buildings and projects. I kept checking like I was waiting for the result of an interview or, maybe more fittingly, a date. Nothing so far… Sigh. Maybe like a date l need to wait the customary 3 days?

Patience needed. I feel a crystal coming on…

Blue Lace Agate. Says that voice. A deeper voice this time. More serious.

I only have a small piece of Blue Lace Agate with me, no bigger than my thumbnail. Triangular bands of a delicate light blue and creamy white make up this piece of Blue Lace Agate with a slightly translucent centre. As I connect with it I feel like I am looking into a clear, still rockpool not the sky as the colour might suggest. Its calming and meditative immediately. Holding it to my throat chakra, normally associated with this light blue colour it feels like its creating waves of steady concentric circles. The rhythm feels like it is regulating me, maybe my temperature, or maybe my temper!

I am then struck by a desire to move it to the back of my neck where it feels like its pushing the energy upwards to my crown chakra. Again this feels like a regulating movement. This could represent a block in this area, a lack of movement between the throat, third eye and crown chakra that the Blue Lace Agate is helping me with.

Yes, this does feel a stone that can help with patience. Help soothe and regulate the fire within. This could also be a good stone for fire signs or fiery charts too, help deal with volcanic eruptions, impulsive desires and lack of patience. Three things firmly on my lessons list.

It also reminds me that even the tiniest of tumblestones can be supportive. It might look like a minnow to my whale of Rose Quartz chuck and a sprat to my Amber but it’s perfectly content in its stature.

Small, beautiful and full of power.

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