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Loving the collective

Today has been another relaxing Sunday.  Discovering my domestic side (thank you IC in Cancer) and enjoying some quiet time.  Yesterday, however, was very different. But as yesterday was my summary day I saved the day’s activity for today!

Yesterday morning the Aquarian and I took a wonder around Camden Town so I could start to look at the space with a different eye, that of future retailer.  This area would be my ideal location.  Not the incredibly popular, alternative and always heaving Camden Lock but further down where people only tend to go if local or if the Camden Town tube is closed due to congestion.  I like that way of the world though, just outside of the craziness.

The other exciting part of this area of Camden is that it is home to 2 or 3 interesting retail spaces called Camden Collective.  These are pop-up shops showcasing the talents of artists and designers, allowing them rent free space to create and then sell their designs.  I had a chat to a lovely lady who upcycles furniture into the most beautiful and quirky pieces that would brighten many a non South facing flat in London, Made in Kolore.

The shop space itself housed about 3-4 different designers with a workshop downstairs, the decoration was minimal as the different things they were creating and selling actually gave it colour and depth.  And with that comes dynamism too, the changing of displays as different designers showcase their creations will make sure that the place always looks fresh.

Most definitely my inspiration of the day.  I could see how my recent exploration of a re-purposed shared space could come together.  The people in this particular space shared a common desire to produce beautiful things and that shared appreciation could be seen in the energy of the building. Maybe finding people who have a desire to “work in a way that they love that produces love” is the next step?

Collective action Venusian style.



2 thoughts on “Loving the collective”

  1. Ooh! Glass bottles! Several decades ago, craftsmanship was more prominent. Care and artistry was put into everyday items. Good quality materials were used.

    I have paired down my bottle collection twice. I did however have a shelf back lit featuring alcohol bottles of unique design and labels. A few of my solid color bottles/jars are unboxed for pops of color and flair around the condo. Refreshing to see your opening picture.


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