Spiritual work

Loving the view

Last day of February and time for my end of the month ritual, that is, more reflection where I usually find another message hidden within!  So let’s get right to it…

1.   Be grateful for where you live.  Find the beauty even if you choose to see a beast.

2.   I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, Thank you. Forgive yourself

3.   Don’t presume to know your story.  There is always room for a plot twist!

4.   When you think you are not thinking enough. Stop thinking.

5.   Inner strength comes from the core and at that core is self-care.

6.   Focus on the messages from the stars that resonate, that help you and offer you choices.

7.   Celebrate Taureans (especially if you are Pisces). They will help you learn and grow.

8.   The universe is working on it. Remember the hope.

9.   Be held and supported by Sodalite

10. Strengthen your spirit, your centre, that is in every part of you.

11. When faced with dilemmas find the mutual frequency that resonates through what each side represents.

12. Enjoy your surpise. Enjoy writing. Find your voice

13. When there are no words left. Stay silent.

14. Spread the love on Love day. it is what connects us all.

15. Tune into the Earth below and the universe above to nuture and develop loving threads between us.

16. Give gratitude to your open-hearted workplace.  Be inspired by that message.

17. Cuddle a Rose quartz.  It will remind you that love is for yourself too.

18. Change your view of serious.  Carry it with you as a gift.

19. Get ready to embrace those new frequencies as they are ready for you.

20. Give thanks to your work besties who have loving and steadying hands.

21. Don’t deny anyone’s pain, whatever that pain may be, even your own.

22. Enjoy the calm after the storm, on in this case volcano.

23. Let go and let flow as the universe intends. Move over when it is someone else’s time.

24. Re-purpose your dream.  Discover it again.

25. Small is still powerful. Especially its its Blue Lace Agate

26. Fully bake ideas with crowdresourcing…crowdloving!

27. I am my path. I am myself. I am love

Reading these back,  the word that stands out to me, and the feeling, is love.  The many varieties of love that is in the same moment only one. (There’s that Zen again) Learning about these aspects of love feels essential to my journey, or maybe I should call it experience rather than imply direction… And maybe, if I am truly honest with myself its about being comfortable with love, the word, the concept without feeling like I have a million eyes rolling back in their heads when I say it.

What I’ve discovered is that its a work in practice. Practice practice practice.  It is something to work with not to master.

And I wonder, could that be the point?

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