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Wisdom by candlelight

There seems to be a pattern emerging of block and flow.  Yesterday it just wasn’t happening, no matter what.  Everything I said felt “wrong”, disonant. So I gave up struggling against it.

Today things flowed.  In my Spanish lesson I was able to articulate myself better (apart from my horrendous pronunciation), created another tasty soup concoction and in conversation with a new connection the words skipped out and had a little dance.  Happy in the light they were.

Still I recognise the block was there yesterday because of an errant emotion or two so I sought some guidance from upstairs in the form of Tarot, helpful to tune in to the message through the images it presents.

Calling on my guides and angelic support the card that I chose was the Three of Wands.  In my particular Tarot pack, The Thoth deck, this is a warm, gentle fire card featuring the Sun in Aries and named Virtue.  In fact rather than the image I was first drawn to the glyphs of Sun and Aries at the top and bottom of the card.

This tells me to harness the energy of the Sun in Aries, which is on its way very shortly. That feeling of newness, enthusiasm, growth as the light becomes brighter and brighter is a reminder to me to be patient.  As one of my work family said to me yesterday, the universe isn’t quite ready yet but your order is on its way.  A wise soul she is.

Also resonant in the card is the fire itself.  A gentler yin like fire burning steadily, itself in flow.  In control and powerful but not overpowering.  Calming to look at like a soft, flickering flame on a candle.

And the three.  To me this represents a creation which could be a new phase of my project or actually as I am writing that the feeling of a new support comes to my conscious mind.

It is not lost on me that this particular card is named Virtue.  Patience being one of course, which is probably one of my greatest challenges and most likely the root cause of any blocks.

So the fire in the card is telling me to not burn too brightly too quickly, stay steady and in flow, and let it out a little at a time.  Be candlelight not a bushfire!

It reminds of the big wisdom of that tiny blue lace agate, given to me to help temper my impatience…

Small can still be powerful.

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