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Time to learn

Today has been a bit finickity.  I’ve been holding the image of the Three of Wands in my mind to support the channeling of the fire and so far have managed to not bite anyone’s head off or self-destruct.  I haven’t been Miss Lala either so a little of the fire definitely made its way out. I haven’t achieved that calm, soft candlelight yet but it’s certainly a work in progress!

I did find some time to connect to a fellow dream follower and we find a little santuary in space and time today to explore where we both felt we were, give each other a bit of support and a bit of cheerleading.  During our chat one of things I realised is that time is such an important factor in following an intuitive approach.  When faced with a block there are a number of things we can do – change perspective, ask someone else, lateral thinking, literal thinking, meditate, work with crystals, tarot, astrology, reiki etc – or maybe we can also use the perspective of time. Because sometimes no matter what creative way you might try to find your flow it just ain’t happening and maybe this is because time hasn’t yet had it’s say.

This is certainly how I felt yesterday after facing my brick wall on Monday and yesterday the flow returned. It happened after Communican’t and a few times before that.

Pattern, most definitely.  Message, of course because what do impatient people not like?  Waiting, things taking time.

Looks like time had a lesson for me and I’ve only just started to figure that out…

3 thoughts on “Time to learn”

    1. Hi there. Its from here: morguefile.com. A free resource for royalty free images. I use this interspersed with my own photos.
      Absolutely re this manifestation of ourselves, it’s part of the material world we create for learning purposes and sometimes I forget that! Thank you for the reminder 🙂 x

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