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Wisdom from a distance

I’ve gotten used to a certain level of energy over the last month or so.  It seems that gallstones have their benefits.  Today, though, I was more tired than I’d like and as tomorrow is going to be a big day I convinced myself to rest.  More often that not this is not how my inner Aries wants to spend the day…

When I had my last prolonged relapse of M.E I remember a friend saying to me that even the smallest thing I could do that day is a great achievement.  I needed to readjust my measurement of achievement because my ego had been setting the pace and it was time to take direction from elsewhere.

Most of these tired days I remind myself of this but some days, especially when it has followed full and physical energetic days, it’s more difficult to hear. Luckily, a voice from the other side of the ocean was able to get through.

I’ve been honoured to develop a relationship with an incredible writer and shining light, Teresa, whom I have never physically met but have deeply connected.  And we have been undertaking what I can only describe as “energy work” together.   Teresa has opened her heart with such love and trust by allowing me to read her birth chart and offer my form of interpretation, part based on astrological teaching, part my own inner voice.  Most importantly, for this Sun-Moon Piscean-Virgo is that she allows me to be helpful, to contribute to her journey in a meaningful way, that is, meaningful to her.

So today, to hear from her and to share a little energy work together, for just a short time was a blessing.  For which I am grateful.

And mindful.  Mindful that what I do with my day isn’t defined by achievement. By the number of hours worked, the phsyical energy expended, the number of tasks completed, by the number of pounds earned.

I could get all Zen again and say that the point is there is no definition, it just is but to be honest, I am just not there yet.  In fact that feels very far away.

But I will settle for a day where I can be thankful.  For the ability to reach out and share with an open heart.

Thankyou Te x

3 thoughts on “Wisdom from a distance”

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    Because you NEVER EVER KNOW for sure where the message for self-care will come from, or how it will manifest. We are the recipient and the messenger, and, in the multi-dimensional planes in which we live simultaneously sometimes we are both – at-one-ment.

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