Spiritual work

Three wise women

Back to HR work today but I took one of my new crystals with me to keep me company.  Still no sign of a replacement in the offing so today I needed to dig deep and find that nugget of Saturnian seriousness and re-balance.

This I did with mixed success.

What impacted the achievement of that objective was my group on meetup.com which for a while was just me, sitting there in my virtual space on my own wondering whether people would come to my party.  I did the “watch pot never boiling” thing of checking it every two minutes then I forgot about it for a while until late last night when it suddenly read 10 Spiritual entrepreneurs…then today 21!

Eek.  Or what my similar spiritually inclined friend Gabriella would call a Gulp! moment. So much so she wrote an incredible book about it.

Like starting this blog and embarking on public writing, starting a group was not something I had given much thought until I was doing it.  I have been involved in groups before but in a more passive way. Other people did this, like another dear friend of mine, Servane, is group organiser extraordanaire and a daily inspiration.  When I watched her at events I never once thought it was something I could do.  But suddenly I did.

It reminds me of whom I call my “Bezzie” who taught me tarot and is entirely responsible for introducing me to the power of crystals, who one day passed the cards to me and said “Do my reading now”.  Me? Me?? Why would you, O great and wise one, want a reading from me?  But I did and now I pass on that teaching from my Bezzie to others.

The common theme in these three amazing women is I looked up to them and convinced myself that I could not do what they do and then I did it.  Not the same as them and certainly not better than them by a long shot but in my own way, I did it.

So much of what happens can seem mystifying until we’re doing it.  Living overseas, starting a new business, writing a book, learning a new skill, developing a network.  All amazing and rich experiences that might have always seemed out of reach but is it? Or does our ego place it out of our reach by convincing us we are not worthy?

I’m certainly no expert, no social butterfly, no Shakespeare or Alice Bailey but I am as worthy as the next person and the person after that.

Because we all are.

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