Spiritual work

Days gone bye-bye

Hmmm. Is Mercury having a wobble today or is this a post-eclipse shake-down? I feel like the universe has picked me up by the ankles and jiggled me about looking for loose change.

This would be what the meditation and crystals have being preparing me for then. Especially in the rook and sacral chakra.  Oak-like centring was needed to today

Another expelling of toxins, physical and energetic. And with that Aries energy it’s not pulling its punches either. No, today has not been fun.

My HR job certainly got a few left hooks in with a one of those difficult days we all have, those “bad hair” days where no matter what you do it goes a bit awry. Maybe my energy is just somewhere else now and this is that last mile in the run that just feels the toughest. I think I need to channel my cheerleaders.  Come on!  5 days left, nearly there! Must.Keep.Going

Luckily have the first meeting of my Meetup group tomorrow so now my HR day is done until Wednesday it’s back to stillness, connection and meditation to prepare and some astrology work which always energises me.

And tonight it’s time to lie down till the energy of the day dissipates and wave it on its merry way…

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