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Sole preparations

It’s been a pretty powerful weekend for me.  Yesterday’s rebalancing has continued and created a space for solitude and stillness.

I’ve spent the afternoon mostly in silence.  Even having my meditation and healing music playing softly in the background didn’t feel quite right and the only soundtrack I have had has been various birdsong in the trees outside.  Any other London sounds -sirens, neighbours moving about, planes over-head have been tuned out.  (And of course just as I wrote that, as I am focusing again, I hear a siren in the distance)

I also felt compelled to switch off as much technology as possible.  It can be tempting to stay connected to one device, just in case. Just in case what I don’t know, maybe its a Piscean trait of wanting to merge with everyone. But today I didn’t feel that need. Merging with stillness was my aim of the day. Mainly through meditation.

Yet in my solitude I was not alone.  During a deep meditation I felt benign presences around me and I had the company of Tourmaline. Specifically black (Shorl) and red (Rubellite) pieces.  Black tourmaline, like smokey is incredible protective, cleansing and grounding. I also love how it looks completely opaque, solid, with marked striations from its formative time near water but when you hold it to the light it looks like a stained glass window, letting through the light. I get a sense of safety from black tourmaline and it feels like it infuses my energy with protection.  For my meditation I placed it at my root chakra to support that sense of security.

The rubellite being a red-pink I had thought would also be either for my root chakra or heart but no, like the smokey and clear quartz yesterday it wanted to work on my sacral chakra.  I am sure this was to complete the healing work from yesterday and I get a sense this is to prepare me for the week ahead.

Something has most definitely shifted since the eclipse and looking at my chart solitude and going within as the Sun transits the remaining part of my 12th house, the house of the unknown, consciousness, merging, that sounds about right.

The time of Aries is here and the Sun about the hit my Ascendant.  This is the completion of my spritual year and I am getting ready for the next one. Just as i am about to finish my HR work…

Yes, powerful indeed.

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