Spiritual work

Uplifting spirit

Today I am feeling incredibly low and it’s as if I’m sitting in a dark, deep hole wondering how I got there.

I see that transit Chiron sitting on my Sun and opposing my Moon might be the sign-post with big red flashing lights that this was going to be a week of exposed wounds and physical health issues and the crystal healing of the weekend was direct preparation for this…smokey quartz, tourmaline, yep the signs were there.

So today I am going to share something that gives me hope, touches me at my core and inspires my own blog. A blog by a young Christian girl called Heidi.

Heidi has a devastating chronic illness where her life is pain and tiredness and endless tests.  Yet every post she makes she shares her hope.  EVERY time, no matter how hard her day has been, no matter how difficult the experience, she shares her faith and her strength either through her words or selected quotes. She reminds me that I am blessed to have the good days I have even though it doesn’t feel it on my lowest days and to have lived my own young life in relative comfort. Quite the teacher of “count your blessings”.

Please take a moment to visit her blog and hear her story.  Please also note the messages of faith she shares, applicable to every religion and non-religion for that matter.  I hope you find it as inspiring and courageous as I do.

Thank you Heidi

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