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My touchstone

Near my work is a small crystal shop (yes signs everywhere it’s not even central London). I’ve popped into it on a lunch time with my work friends and of course a few crystals found their way home with me.

One such crystal is the size of a large pebble, smooth like jade, dark green almost black surface with green swirls. It’s known as Kambaba Jasper or Kambaba stone.

During periods of dis-ease like I am experiencing today, this stone is never far from me. It’s not something i read about just felt that for what ever toxin I was expelling the Kambaba stone could offer my comfort and, something which in my experience, is most most needed during illness, that feeling of being grounded.

At my most toxic my thoughts, feelings, reactions can become toxic.  The pity party can start to run away with itself.  This particular stone which i started to intuitively hold to my heart chakra, connects me with earth energies and also allows those thoughts and feelings to dissipate gently.  Connecting with it now, it feels like a Yin stone, an Earth mother of a stone, nurturing and allowing despair to start to turn back to hope.

I call it my Touchstone. My Moon in Virgo stone at its most evolved self. Letting me feel what I need to in order for that feeling to move on.


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