Spiritual work

Libran outing

The Libran full moon watched over me and my family today.  That benevolent dictator smiled down on us as we spent the day exploring ancient ruins and Northumbrian towns, forgoing conversations of one upmanship and selfish tendencies in favour of a day of familial harmony and connection.

A day to be grateful for.

Full Moon in Libra means a direct opposition to Sun in Aries.  Sun in Aries represents our archetypal sense of self, individuality as well as enthusiam and impuslivity.  It could be a time when we focus on ourselves, assert our own desires and views, sometimes to the detriment of others. However, when the transit moon moves into Libra its message is one of commonality, collective, harmony, the anthesis of the Aries view.

Right now, that message is also blessed by the lunar eclipse, a “Blood Moon”. The time when the Earth’s shadow passes over the Moon, visible evidence of our place in the cosmos. A place we all share.  Our collective.

It looks like I was treated to a real “as above so below” moment today with the shared feeling of communion between six very different individuals. When the scales are aligned and neither side dominates the other.

A moment of perfect Aries-Libra balance. 

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