Spiritual work

Little peace of England

It’s a picture perfect spring day today in Northumberland and I am resting and re-charging in my parent’s own “little piece of England” as my Dad calls it.

There is something healing and restorative about coming back to my home.  Not just the connection with my family but the specific world around me. Beneath me is the same rock and earth that was here when I was just a day old, the same rock that has held me through my childhood and teenage years.  The view out of my window has changed somewhat as I watch the gleaming white wind turbines in Blyth saunter around their circle but that feeling of total sanctuary remains from the unique energy of this particular place on our little planet.

Like a piece of music that is comforting and known which serves to open your lungs to allow for deeper breaths and that immediately calms the mind, it has it’s own tone and frequency that I can sense when I connect.  It’s own Opus.

And it’s not a co-incidence that I find myself here at this particular time.  Where better to start the new phase of a journey than the very place that created me? 

Where better to ask for guidance and wisdom to initiate new beginnings. 



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