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Today has been good to me, on the whole.

I have started anaylsing the interpersonal planets as they transit the various houses of my chart in order to increase the depth of my understanding in astrology and start to identify certain patterns and correspondences.  The one that stands out today is the current Sagittarian Moon meeting up with my natal Mars. This creates a prime opportunity for fun and frolics as optimistic, cheerful Sagittarius is having its monthly meet-up in my 9th house pushing me into furthering my learning and understanding of the spiritual world, filling and expanding my heart with love, and what turned out to be, a great deal of laughter to boot.

And, it seems, focusing me on a day of astrology.

A quality, aspiration, call it what you will, that I am developing is exploring charts with a few willing volunteers.  Not lightly, mind you.  It is a real honour and definite priviledge when someone allows me to read their chart.  Like being allowed in the deepest, darkest recesses of the mind, but not just the mind, the heart and spirit. It is a sacred relationship between the reader and the receiver.

That being said, with my particular volunteers today, with a profound trust in the process, there was still the opportunity for that Sagittarius energy to make itself known with a bit of light-hearted humour. Hence my title.

I’ve written before that I believe astrology is so complex that it will take more than a life-time to understand. There are multiple layers, schools of thought, and obviously the chart itself is a complex as the human energy field itself. Full of contradiction, conflicts, countless expressions of qualities of the planets and signs depending on how people choose to use it.  I certainly haven’t wrapped my head around it yet.  But I love, love, love the revelations from learning a little bit more each day.

My latest revelation was about that Sagittarian lunar energy and its impact.  Because I am wondering whether it’s about choice. Being open to the energy that is being offered by the planets above.  Like a friend giving advice and counsel can we either choose to receive and act up on that advice or not? The Saggitarian Moon is encouraging us to be optimistic, to explore, to be cheerful, have a laugh, and can we choose to do that or not?

I’ve always thought the planets indicate what is going on inside us rather than we are pawns being moved by these planetary forces but maybe with “The Field” its more involved than that.  Maybe those planetary forces offer us gifts and challenges as they transit through our charts as they do in our natal charts, but we have free will so the influence of the planets becomes a choice, a relationship not an event.

I am hoping my transit and chart work helps me with these questions but I have a feeling, like the plot of Lost, it may just lead to more!

3 thoughts on “AstroGiggles”

  1. “I’ve written before that I believe astrology is so complex that it will take more than a life-time to understand.”

    Most every single astrology author has said a variation of that exact same thing. I would go so far to worry about the credibility of any astrologer who thinks they know it all (or know enough?).

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    1. Yes agreed. Have you read any Robert Hand? He has a bunch of free and interesting articles on I like his approach.
      Also your last post was intriguing about the returns? I was very sick during my Mercury return but then its in my 12th house as well as Pisces so figured that it might represent an inner trigger.
      Am going to buy Celeste’s book! Thank you! x


      1. I bought Robert Hand’s book “Planets in Transit: Life Cycles for Living” but I found his descriptions to be too dry and overly generalized for my tastes, so I gave the book away. I have tried several of his paid reports from with the same result (he may be 100% accurate but his writing style wasn’t helpful for me).

        Similarly I have a heck of a time reading Jeffrey Wolf Green’s books (even though he is an astrology genius and his revelations sparked a whole new division of astrological study [evolutionary astrology]), I tend to prefer authors like Celeste Teal or Steven Forrest. Their writing style is easier for me to digest and comprehend. (I quote Celeste Teal more in my blog posts because she has more predictive astrology books than Steven Forrest does.)

        I LOVE return charts. I just can’t get enough of them. 😀 I am constantly reviewing and re-reviewing them, or using them for more information after I see something from the transits or my progressed charts… I am just a full on addict for performing astrology research on my life. 😀 ❤


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