Spiritual work

Heart space

It’s another beautiful Spring day in London town. I am completely inspired and motivated after yesterday’s talk by Lynne McTaggart and the added delight of Howard Martin of the Heart Math Institute.  Both reminded me in very different ways that we are all incredibly powerful beings with the ability to create a new world of compassion and connection.  Howard even demonstrated to us live the loving power of the heart and how we can focus our hearts to send love out into the “field” to effect positive change.  It gave me such hope for the future, as well as pleasing my inner scientist immensely.

With that in mind, that is my heart-mind, I’ve ventured out to a nearby cafe for a change of scenery to continue my journey of consciously creating my life.   This particular cafe is such an inspiration for the type of space I am looking for. Bright, white walls and painted wood, upcycled wood-stained tables and plenty of space.  The light is incredible too, highlighting every shade and texture.

It’s the perfect spot to do some research on finding space myself. And today I am concentrating on finding a venue for my Meet-up group before moving on to the next task of shop-sharing as I prepare to get my new career underway.

First up is finding an affordable space in Central london.

Well, I do like a challenge.  And after last night, I have faith that by sending out the right frequency of intention that the right space will find me.


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