Spiritual work

Space to breathe

Space.  It seems to all be about space.  Space for a shop, space for meeting up and now, space for a wedding celebration.

The Aquarian proposed last year in the most idyllic surroundings, a medieval castle which was the Brother’s Grimm’s inspiration for Rapunzel and once my brain realised what was happening I immediately said yes.

This moment has been captured in highest definition and stored in my heart. Occasionally I unlock the memory when I am using a technique for appreciation. In fact it was the memory I used during Howard Martin’s demonstration of Heart Rate Variability on Wednesday night.  The effect of breathing deeply “from the heart” and tapping into a memory or feeling of appreciation was instantaneous as we saw how the heart rate variability changed from spikey and erratic to smooth and flowing.

The power of love, for me, had never been more evident.

And as the wedding planning gathers pace I might do well to remember to use this techique. I am not sure my inner Aries is a fan of anything vaguely plan related when contemplating a party, Pisces would rather just dream up lovely ceremonial scenarios and Virgo gets a little bit ansty about resource efficiency and costs.

With that combination it feels that many of these deep heart-breaths might be needed!

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