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Crystallising down-time

I woke up with a rather tired and achy body today. I may have overdone things a wee bit at the weekend after spending all day out walking around town on Saturday and most of the day wedding planning on Sunday.

It also occured to me that since starting this new life I haven’t given myself much of a break as this “work” doesn’t feel like work at all.  But, my lesson is, as always, balance. So I must learn (and allow myself!) to create down-time in this new routine as well.  It would be so easy to keep going as the line between work and rest becomes blurred. Especially with no-one setting my routine, no-one to tell me to start or stop, no-one but me to set the pace.  With my particular natal planetary placement I know i can get carried away.   All or nothing, not knowing when or wanting to take a break, letting Neptune’s watery ways sweep me up.

So today I gave over a good portion of my day to down-time.  I meditated with dependable Deepak, worked with some willing crystals on self-healing (unsurprisingly focused on grounding my energies) and flushed out the week-ends toxins with cucumber water and fennel tea.

This is a new down-time for me. One that doesn’t involve binge watching The Good Wife, or even less high-brow tales, and invariably falling asleep.  No, this focus on manifesting my dream has brought out a much healthier version of rest and relaxation.

No doubt, I have a crystal or two to thank.

1 thought on “Crystallising down-time”

  1. The crystals pictured are:
    Top (left to right):Red Tourmaline (Rubellite), raw Green Calcite, smokey quartz pendulum (for dowsing)
    Middle: Blue coral, Black Tourmaline (Schorl), Danburite, Beryl
    Bottom: Petrified Wood


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