Spiritual work

Service please

It’s a cool but sunny day in London town and I’m off to meet a friend who now resides over the pond here for a brief visit.

We met and bonded over our total ineptitude in peeling potatoes (with a very blunt knife) in a field in the Sacred Valley just outside Cusco, Peru. This surreal experience was a formative one in understand the nature of helping and service. Something that doesn’t really become apparent until you’ve been reprimanded in Quechua for your lack of ability in vegetable preparation.

Help when asked and make sure the help you are providing is of use to the receiver.

I went through the entire spectrum in what it is like to be a volunteer whilst in Peru. Who is it for? Who is it helping? Are we helping? Are we hindering? Should we pay for this privilege? Should it be free? My assumptions were questioned, battered around a bit and in some cases totally reversed.

Values shifting, passion shaping times.

And a necessary experience for wanting to work “in service”. I don’t think there are any right answers which is why trusting that inner best friend, intuition, is so important. Each question can be argued in so many ways it just twists you into a pretzel.

So I choose to be guided here by intuition, planets, my loving guides above and be open to the opportunities to be of service.

As long as it doesn’t involve making dinner.

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