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Back out and about today enjoying and embracing serendipitous connections. Or in this case reconnections with a friend who has and continues to be a great source of inspiration since we crossed paths on a small business course in Greenwich in 2002. 

One of things this amazing lady introduced me to was the concept of “if not now then when” when I attended her book launch a few years later. That phrase never left me and guided me to take the leap into starting my own HR consultancy and the more daunting leap of heading off to Peru for 6 months.  And now this somewhat evolutionary leap of manifesting my dream.

She was in London on a stopover after launching her own creativity app on the Apple watch.  I have been using this myself (the iPad version) along with the crystals and the transits. As i said yesterday, messages are everywhere when you tune in.

But today’s message was a little bit different. And a little bit leftfield and certainly nothing I had considered before…

Learning about the App world was a revelation, especially around fear of judgment and fear of failure. The terrible twins with fangs and sharp claws that threaten to tear at ideas and dreams. As I have moved through from my initial statement of intention those fears have made themselves known and caused the occasional wobble.

Not so in the App world.  The message there is prototype and pivot. That is, get your app out there and watch what happens. If it isn’t working “pivot” it ie turn it into the something else. If that doesn’t get traction pivot again. No failure just evolution.

The message from spirit is the same. No matter what we are doing we can pivot and keep pivoting.  It’s the journey of discovery that is important not the polished finished product. And as it seems with Apps there is no longer any such thing.

So what can I take from this for manifesting my own dream?

Most likely that it’s time to “get it out there” and if it comes to it, be prepared to pivot.

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