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Mercury slow-down

Well it’s been a while but appears to be another day where the words aren’t coming so easy.  Mercury hasn’t gone retrograde just yet but has entered what is called its shadow period and I already sense since it is in it’s most comfortable sign, Gemini, that it’s impact is likely to be around communication.  For a writer of a daily blog this could be interesting!

The last Mercury retrograde was intense, practically Plutonian, certainly for me as it well and truly kicked my backside health wise. But after I was able to make some major decisions and concentrate on what i wanted to bring into the world as well as find that necessary discipline for self-care.

Now Mercury’s focus is elsewhere.  It could either do its much joked about messing with our communications and transport or it could herald a time for deep reflection where we find that we can’t rely on words and concepts to describe how we feel or those words don’t capture it. Intuition could be stronger but we might not be able to express it out loud. And as a friend of mine considered yesterday, we might even start to question how we use words and conversations altogether.

Are we speaking our truth or just making sounds?

Yes it could be a powerful time to look inward as to how we communicate with ourselves and others, how we make sense of the world, and with it an opportunity to bring out our true expression.

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