Spiritual work

Have faith, Pluto is here

What a day. After managing to tear myself away from Election coverage (why it captivated me, I do know fully know) I spent the rest of the day in meditation. Just me and my crystals, then a bit of astrology.

Looking at the transits I noticed the Moon currently making its way through serious and structure loving Capricorn. Ordained or co-incidence no question of it reflecting a general mood. Yet what also drew my attention is the planet Moon just about to whip past, this one moving at more what you might call a glacial place.  It’s influence quiet but forceful, it’s remit to destroy that which no longer serves us, that God of the underworld and all things pretty scarey, Pluto. And he had a message for me…

I remembered on my Astrology course in 2006 discussing the influence of the still planeted Pluto. Still at that point reserving judgment about astrology in general I with my class-mates discussed a likely impact of the upcoming Pluto-Capricorn transit.  We explored whether this would mean breaking down structures, symbols of authority, society, global institutions. None of us had any idea that this particular conversation would be so prescient.

Pluto also reminds us that he is not just about destruction and breaking down. He is also about transformation, dissolution of rigidity and regeneration. Energy is never destroyed rather transformed is his motto.  Also he reminds us of the importance of our own transformation, breaking down rigid beliefs and long held assumptions.  Those of us that have walked through our own Underworld when we have felt destroyed and broken can attest to this as we find that recovery comes from that necessary transformation.

And he’s nowhere near finished yet.  He’s only half way and even then in retrograde so there us much more of his work to be done. Rigidity and authoritarian strutures both internal and external won’t be able to stand up to the might of Pluto. If we listen to his advice.

Then we may found ourselves on a path of recovery and regeneration in time for the Aquarian age.

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