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200 leaps

Another milestone of the blogging kind…this is my 200th post!


200 days since I wrote my first tentative words about what i wanted to do. I was going to do another “clip show” post but have decided against it.  One, there are too many posts to go through for my Mercury addled brain and two, I think I want to write something else.

For the last few weeks my ability to intuit/psychic awareness/access to the Field has been on lockdown. When intuiting things for other people and sometimes myself I usually get a flow and words come out that don’t feel they have come from me.

But recently when attempt to access this I get the feeling of a closed door. A “your name’s not down you are not coming in” vibe.  I can’t quite remember whether this happened before or after my flare up but I know that my slowdown, focus on Mindfulness and consolidating my learning has been part of it.  Moreover some of the crystals i have been working with have been focused on clearing psychic debris and cleansing my third eye chakra and with it the pineal gland.

Being an Aries ascendant I have always gravitated to the leap before you look approach, learn as you go somewhat, and the last month has been a steep learning curve but it wasn’t until today that i fully figured out what was going on and why.  And, of course, as that insight illuminated, I felt the intuition return almost like a “reward” for learning that lesson or maybe a better analogy is getting the code to the lock.

I will take it slowly though and now build in a regular third eye cleanse to prevent future build ups. Keep away that psychic plaque!

But will I start looking before I leap? That I don’t know. This year has been learning about taking it slow and steady, increasing my level of discipline and structure. But as my ascendant reminds me, taking risks and jumping in isn’t always an unhealthy approach, or to be avoided. Leaping involves an element of faith and belief and usually comes with an ability to make adjustments along the way. Sometimes it might not pan out or create some unexpected maybe uncomfortable issues but sometimes it takes you places you maybe feared to tred. Places that open up opportunities and adventure, new connections and experiences.

Like starting a blog at 3am and changing my life to follow my dream. Different sides of the same coin.

And indelibly me.

1 thought on “200 leaps”

  1. I can relate to everything you wrote here.

    I can’t remember how long ago it was (3 years? 4 years?) but I had a weird thing happen to me that I saw in my mind’s eye while I felt it happen in my body… I saw/felt “Saturn” energy (in the form of a mature male) etherically sit himself into my body. In my head I knew that I had just “acquired more Saturn energy” and ever since then my own Aries Sun tendencies have been tempered quite a bit.

    Your situation might be different from this (more temporary) but I just wanted to point out that it does occasionally happen.

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