Spiritual work

Crystal symphony

Something I discovered today, it’s almost impossible to write a blog post on the underground at 6:30pm. Not because I am squished next to besuited commuters (I actually have a seat) but because there is such a variety of energy competing for attention.  We London folk might do the best to close ourselves off from each other during commutes but it feels that with our vibrational energy it’s a different story.

Not that I am connecting to those energies at the moment but I can “hear” it. Like different instruments tuning up in an orchestra, or make that several orchestras.  A trumpet, a bassoon, a flute, a cello, differing vibrations from a veritable throng. It makes me wonder what we are actually saying with our energy? Stern and silent on the outside but sending out a continuous stream of etheric notes.

The mention of instruments reminds me of one of my favorite pieces of classical music: Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf.  Each character in the musical piece was a different instrument or group of instruments. Peter, the strings;  the bird, a flute; the wolf, a French Horn and the unforgettable bassoon of the Grandfather.  Just hearing their themes gives these characters such richness that brings them vividly to life and planted the idea that maybe everyone and maybe everything carries their own “music”.

Crystals too carry their own music, their unique vibrational frequency and it is that frequency which we can work with for healing.  The vibration of crystals enter our own vibrational field and can shift blocks, align energy points, clear out unwanted energy and act to our raise own vibration allowing us to access different states, be able to relax, meditate and sometimes receive information.  Different crystals can work on different areas of vibration within the field such as the chakra points of energy, or the subtle energy from certain organs and glands and different layers of the field itself.

As I have written in previous posts, there are great books out there for discerning what crystals works best for what but for me there is no substitute for intuition. Our intuition can be tuned to “pick up” these vibrations which we can discern through an inner feeling, knowing, picture, sound, each in their own way connecting to the crystal’s unique essence.  For me it’s sensations- prickles, changes in temperature, tingles and also a “knowing” too,  for a friend of mine it’s pictures like a cinema screen in the third eye and for another friend they get words. There is no right or wrong way to intuit, just what works for you.

And their particular music can help us heal, grow, connect and transform.  I know that they have helped me in all of these ways but that’s just my journey.

I invite you to connect with them with your own intuition and discover for yourself… their magical melodies.

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