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Gratitude revisited

Back in the swing of things today.  No Astro-Rocks but a catch up with a friend who is also spending this year manifesting a long held dream.

One of the things we talked about in giving us the courage to make the jump was the importance of gratitude.  Concentrating on what is and has gone right in our day, gratitude lists, being thankful and actually expressing those thanks.  And how much change it brings about, subtely, almost invisibly. Sometimes its about changing your approach to something, accentuating the positives and increasing resilience and then sometimes it helps you see things you would have ignored before. Each little difference giving you the chance to create something new.

For me this is the internal Battle Royale between a Piscean Sun (always happy to see the sunny side) and Virgoan Moon (constantly wanted to evaluate and critique everything) so getting to a point of daily gratitude was no easy journey, and one I resisted for quite some time. But I found one of the bonuses of writing a daily blog is finding those hidden gratitidue gems and verbalising these through reflecting on my day. And without a doubt the discipline has also helped me work through some really dark days of fear.

So that’s my message of the day.  Need to find some courage? Be grateful.  Need to make that push? Appreciate.

Looking to make a change?  Give thanks…

Each and every day.

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