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Inactive activity

I have been pretty active today but I have barely moved a muscle, brain included.

Today has been a day for working on the energetic level as instructed by my guides. Very apt for the time of a Piscean moon. They are clever. And also of course an useful way to see out the final days of retrograde Mercury.

I’ve also had some new companions for my work today, most notably, Raspberry Quartz, which really does look good enough to eat. The particular piece that I have been working with was found at my favourite shop in London, Watkins Esoteric Bookshop. A place that would right at home in Daigon alley.

My friend asked me what it was for when we found it but I’d never come across it before so I held it and intuited it’s message.  Immediately I got a feeling of strengthening around my heart chakra and a “knowing” that this was also a crystal to strengthen the physical organ of the heart itself including regulating the flow of energy.  I also received a little more information working with it today.

Another way I connect with the crystals energy is through sense and third-eye connection.  I hold the crystal in my left palm and using my senses of touch and sight I feel its texture, its temperature, its bumps and contours and observe the colour, how it changes in the light, any inclusions and patterns, getting to know the crystal as you would a face. I then visualise a golden light from my third-eye chakra reaching out and connecting with the crystal. It may take a while to keep sending the light and strengthening the connection but eventually I start to pick up information. In this case, i felt a flow of energy like waves emanating from my heart, thymus and throat to what i perceived to be the edge of my energy field and then a gentle expansion.  What a wonderful discovery, this crystal helped me to expand my own awareness of my energy field!  It was like having a good stretch!

And this work also left me with another insight…

That the more I work with these energetic beings the more I am certain that this is aligned to my true nature. Crystals are embedded within my soul and their guidance is manifesting each day.

So thank you, you pretty rocks, as always, for revealing your wisdom to me.

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