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Red sparkly rock 

I was drawn to work with a particular crystal today. Following my usual practice after analysing the astrological influences of the day I then connected with my crystal companions to find out which ones i would be working with and immediately this one (featured) started winking at me.

As with a few of my crystals I have no recollection of acquiring it and sadly its name and classification has escaped me as I mostly choose crystals intuitively then forget to record their name.  There are 3 possibilities:

1) it’s an unusual raw ruby but then why would it have a quartz like matrix?

2) it’s a combination of red, black and colourless tourmaline although I can’t tell whether its a trigonal formation

3) it’s a type of Cobalto-Calcite, maybe Erythrite, which would explain the matrix and colour but not the black crystals.

But before I got too lost in my various crystal books and the interweb I remembered my own word yesterday about building a relationship with crystals themselves as energetic beings rather than things.  And when I connected with thIs Ruby-Cobalto-Rubellite crystal I felt very clearly how it was assisting me.

Using the third-eye connection technique I felt what might be described as a powerful wave-like shudder through my energy field like it was shaking out any debris. And that the debris being removed was other people’s energies or thoughtforms. A proper clear out, or maybe energetic exfoliation as it did also feel quite intense! After there was a feeling of strengthening and protecting my space.

So a pretty forceful rock whatever its name.  But if anyone knows you’d make my inner scientist very happy!

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