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To finish our Virgo based trilolgy today was writing models. Astro-rocks style.

My intuition guided me to read some different perspectives on astrology by two astrologers whose approach I resonate with – Stephen Arroyo and Howard Sasportas. Along with another favourite, Liz Greene, they take a different view to traditional astrology and talk about astrology as an “energetic” practice.  That is, looking at planetary influences and themes with the birth chart to inform a view of what is going on for an individual. How they are expressing the light or shadow side of particular signs, where they are placing their energy in their day to day (or aspirational) lives and where there may find additional conflict or support.

Crystals can then work with an individual in a dynamic way through helping someone bring out the more positive sides of the forces in their chart and work through issues of conflict.  It’s not an easy fix though. This isn’t like taking a pill when you have a headache.  This is deep work and involves commitment from the individual to be open to making changes and taking charge of their own destiny.

But with crystals, as they are pure beings of love and light, there is always support on that journey.  Rather than being “magic pills” or things, they are friends, companions I call them, that walk the journey with you.  Always offering their help and guidance as the planets (pretty big crystals in themselves) do above.


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