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Monday Munday

One word would categorise my day today. Mundane.

I studied Mundane astrology as part of my course where each planet, sign and house relates to particular activities, events, occupations, phenomena in the world, on the earth (mundane meaning of the world). It is used traditional and horary astrology forms to predict events and provide an absolute intepretation.  Sometimes i use some of this knowledge to inform my picture of a reading but mainly if I am guided to do so by my intuition.

However mundane can also mean something which lacks interest or is considered dull. For me this is anything to do with finance or, in this case, insurance and attempting to acquire insurance for my fledgling business.

Astro-Rocks is a combination of astrological and crystal knowledge which can be used to support a person’s personal development journey. It’s a intutive, dynamic process that involves interpreting information that may trigger insights and new ways of thinking for the individual.

I wouldn’t define is as complementary therapy and certainly not counselling which seemed to flummox the lovely lady attempting to give me a quote. She was flummoxed further when she asked me where I would be practising this service as “anywhere” online or otherwise did not seem to be an available category which lead her to concluding my service was “too specalised” for her particular business.

Not her fault of course, this is part of the manifestation process and a bit of resistance is no bad thing because it’s a message of different ways i need to “package” what I am offering so it is understood by different audiences.

Astrological coaching has been suggested as the closest way of describing what I do so I am going to go with that for now. If anyone has any other suggestions and has come up with a similar issue please feel free to share!

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