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Where is the love?

I wrote yesterday that Astro-Rocks is an intuitive process and I’ve written a number of times previously that I discovered I could access an inner “knowing” or “feeling”, connect to my intuition and make conscious intuitive choices.  But this isn’t a gift from a heavenly realm nor does it make me special.  My uniqueness like anyone else’s uniqueness is the only thing that makes me, and everyone, special.  As we are, not as we do or what we aspire to do.

Accessing intuition, that inner knowing, precognition or whatever other term is used is about practice.  And it’s about starting somewhere.

Back at the beginning of my blog I talked about hearing messages by tuning in as you would a radio.  It involves tuning out the background noise, focus and that old Saturnian friend discipline.  And knowing what you are tuning into. Where do you find and thus access your intuition?

The best analogy I have come up with for this is the feeling of love.  Not passing fancy or lust but a deep connected love for another being, human or otherwise.  For a lot of people this is a partner but not always.  And that love we feel resides somewhere.  Moreso that love often defies logic and rational thought.  It just is.  This has been my own doorway to accessing my intuition and growing my practice from there.

Think about someone you deeply love, where you know that love is unconditional, hopeful and when you think of that love you feel expansive.  Now focus on that feeling, be aware of any sensations.  Ask yourself, why do I love this person but give no answer, just feel it.  Where is that feeling? Do you “know” that feeling to be true for you?

When I asked these questions for myself I felt a deep vibration between my heart and throat in what I then came to know as the higher-heart chakra. This is where I access my intuition.  For others it could be a number of different places.  But for me this is what I tap into when I am making choices, receiving information and dealing with many different voices vying for attention. Because when I access that feeling of pure love, everything falls away and is still.

After a while like any skill being developed it becomes easier to access, to “know” and the more you work with it the more you trust its guidance.

Because all your intuition knows is love.


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