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It’s a quiet day for the Aquarian and I as we are saving tomorrow as another wedding planning day and keeping today for some much needed downtime. So as I was sitting here wondering what to write something floated into my consciousness.

That is,

Possibly the best free resource for learning about the building blocks of astrology and, most importantly, calculates natal and transit charts automatically and with an incredible degree of accuracy. We were not allowed to do this on our course at first as we needed to learn how to cast a chart ourselves with an Ephemeris booklet, compass and protractor. Definitely good grounding for the art of astrology but how thankful I am for the time saved through this amazing website. Especially since my artistic skills on that way border on, well, rubbish and I am no fan of sums.

But it has got me thinking about some nice touches I could make to Astro-Rocks after a few suggestions from my first client.  Maybe a hand-drawn chart might be something people would value to take away with them? Or maybe there is a way of combining the hand-drawn approach with the PDF images from the website?

Hmm. I feel some new ideas coming on…

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