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Mother’s invention

A whole afternoon of wedding planning today so no time or capacity for planning of any other kind.

Luckily my Mum has been on the case in her own unique way.  I mentioned in an earlier post how grateful I am for the support around me.  Connections old and new including my family.  And you’ve got to hand it to her, she is watching her daughter give up one of those “good jobs” for a life of uncertainty following a pretty eccentric dream. And not only has she now accepted this change of direction she has found a way to offer her own life-long honed skills to support me.

Because my Mum can knit and she is pretty darn good at it.  For a number of years now she has made exquisite baby jackets and the occasionally pair of booties for my pregnant friends.  Then she branched out unto making scarves that have been making their way around London winters. Now she is helping me find ways to help people work with crystals in a practical way by offering some options on those little creative touches…

First she started by making little pouches for people to carry around a small number crystals which can work with the individual when they are out and about on a particular issue rather than rattling around in bag.  And now she is exploring wearable pouches made of ribbon or felt to work on different chakra points such as around the neck over the higher heart, heart or throat chakra. All made with bits of wool left over from scarves and jackets, offcuts of material and buttons from an overflowing button tin dating back to one from a rather fetching dressing gown I had when i was eight.

At the moment they are prototypes so she can experiment and create her ideal versions but I love them and I know they are going to be a key feature for Astro-Rocks and beyond.

Hand-made creative keepsakes courtesy of me Mam. I couldn’t be more proud.

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