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I have been bubbling over with excitement today.  Positively effervescent.

After I came out of my morning meditation, back to that reality of form and structure, I checked my email.  I have received one from the space I applied for on my “productive” day on Wednesday.  They have accepted my application!!! (Definitely warrants more than one exclamation mark…)

I have a viewing of the space next week to see if it is suitable.  It’s what you would call a long term temporary space not far from me alongside other retail and community space units so it certainly would be a great location.  Whether it’s meant for me is something that will only come to light when I am there. Whether it feels right, whether my inner best friend, intuition,  gives the thumbs up, and of course, whether that Saturnian influence can help me make it a practical reality.

Until then it’s going to be that mix of progress and stillness to keep the balance.  And hands upwards to the universe as to the outcome.

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