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Meditations on progress

Unlearn what you have learnt…unknow what you know…be still…be silent…

If you are consciously working on your own spiritual development, following the path to enlightenment,awakening or whatever phrase suits your experience, you will have come across these Zen like spiritual teachings.  When i read them and embrace the words I feel a sense of peace and contentment. The need for reason melts away and the I melts away and what remains is pure spirit. Not bound by space, time or dimension, no-thing and no-one.

It’s blissful although quantifying it using descriptive words like that seems to only capture a small part of the whole.

Then you come back. And the forms and structures of your material reality retake their shape. Things like progress, goals, task lists, chat windows come into view. It can feel a little jarring.  Let alone bake the noodle about which one is the real reality.

The week so far has been an impactful mix for me. From the couldn’t-get-more mundane experience of having to deal with a broken down washing machine taking up my day (am using that phrase deliberately) to today’s experience of stillness, calm and connection through meditation and at times just sitting in silence.

The narrative feels like a concept album blending the rock numbers with the power ballads to produce the richest experience for the listener. And therein lies the message.

Yesterday was wonderful in terms of getting stuff done in my material reality. I loved that I ticked things off a list, move milestones forward, achieved results.  I loved it, it brought me joy. But today I did none of that yet the day has been happy and rewarding.  Because the experience of today has shown me to pay attention: “Watch out for those baubles of progress.  Be aware of “busyness.  Live a full and creative life. Be conscious. Fill your day with Love”

I don’t believe it’s about blissing out on my cushion all the time with a beatific smile on my face because I do live in a world that has form and structure for a reason. But I believe its about discerning and asking “Am I operating from a place of Love?” For myself I have added “Is it progress if it doesn’t bring Love?” “Do you get results if you worry about the outcome?” “Does the activity give me joy?” Am I consciously creating my experience?”

And if the answer is no I know I’ve deceived myself and back on the cushion I will go.

2 thoughts on “Meditations on progress”

  1. My favorite place to meditate is in the garden. Something about the connection you feel while participating in the direct cycles of life every day really helps my meditative process.
    We are wanting to find volunteers to come teach Meditation to our students here at the Farm School!


  2. That sounsd wonderful. I completely agree!
    I wish you well in finding volunteers. I’m a little far away from you but if I can help in any way I will point people towards you!
    Love and light


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