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Saturn: The Musical

What with the Sun and Mars in Cancer and the Moon having a splash around in the dreamy waters of Pisces a day of creating any tangible and material for this 3D world was unlikely for this little fishy. That’s ok because a fiery and feisty transit through Aries is on its way.

Consequently I have spent most of my day “away”, far far away. In a meditation which was so deep that I wasn’t able to sense the boundaries of my self. Not a surprise given all the watery energy of the day but enough of an experience to give me pause. 

Following this I consulted another Oracle which I work with for longer term guidance- The Crystal Ally Cards. The images again are intuitively created and they feel both other-worldly, ancient and futuristic at the same time.  (see above). And of course, they featured my friends the crystals.  

Whilst working with these cards I decided (or more likely was guided) to listen to one of my favourite classical music pieces – The Planets by Gustav Holst.  This is one of my Dad’s favourites too and I loved the different characters of the Planets. Each planet had a distinct theme and I could feel their personalities or what I would now say was their energy.

I mention this as I had a moment of pure synchronicity whilst reading my chosen cards. I started with “Release” and as I was tapping into the card and reading the guidance in the accompanying book Mercury (III) was playing. Moving on to “Creation” I was connecting my sacral chakra and creative energies as the playlist shuffled to Mars (I). Realising something magical was happening here I turned to my final card “Evolution”, not forcing the timing just going with the flow and the music moved to Saturn (V).  Given the card I had expected Venus of course but when contemplating Saturn I received the guidance. 

Saturn is our key to our own evolution. Our transcendance. Jupiter offers us the opportunity to explore the limits of our ego but our disciplined Saturn is tasked with reminding us of our spirit and what we are here to do. It guides us with focus and taking our own personal development seriously and creates boundaries so we can stick to the path.  Yes much maligned Saturn takes on a role to help us without need for gratitude. As it’s influence can often feel unpleasant or painful it knows gratitude will not be easily offered. 

So it looks like my love affair with the serious One is continuing. And guiding me to take up my wings. 

Thanks Dad.  Little did you know…

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