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Sacred Violet Care

Today was all about self-care and repair.  

One of the healing techniques I work with is known as the Sacred Violet Flame of St Germain.  St Germain is considered an Ascended Master and benevolent higher dimensional guide, and keeping of the Sacred Violet Flame. Working with the Violet Flame is particularly effective when we need to look after ourselves or heal ourselves, need to protect our energy field (very useful for Empaths) and maybe in need of additional support for rest and relaxation.

I began to work with Violet Flame in earnest when I returned to work after a major M.E relapse. I wasn’t sure I was ready for a consistent and stretching day even just three days a week but the signs were there from the Universe that it was time. Each day as I left for work I would invoke the Sacred Violet Flame and allow the Flame to pass through all of my body out into my energy field.  I would then “cloak” my energy for further protection. This I would do before coming into contact with any other people, situations and general London energy. It gave me strength to venture out into the day and slowly helped me increase my stamina. And as a daily practice it served as a regular connection with spirit and conscious reminder of the profound ability of the body (and energy field) to self-heal.

I am incredibly thankful for this healing technique and now work with the Violet Flame predominantly for self-care and when I sense that my energy field has been weakened in some way.  Today though I was guided to work with Sacred Violet Flame and share the technique I was given here. Below is something I send to others which I find immensely beneficial.  It can be done as a meditation technique or within a guided visualisation meditation itself and you may find it useful if the the technique resonates with you…

To start, and to honour the process, ask to invoke (or work with) the Sacred Violet flame from Ascended Master St Germain and, if you feel guided to do so, at the same time as for protection from Archangel Michael. Give them your loving gratitude for their assistance. Once you have done that you visualise a bright and clear violet flame and either visualise bathing yourself completely in the flame till you feel totally relaxed or focus the flame in a part of your body in need of healing. For stress and sleep I move the flame through my body from feet to head, going through the chakras and any organs that may need attention. Do this for as long as you need. You will sense something like either a bubbling feeling or a pulse as you focus on an area requiring healing.

When you are finished ask Archangel Michael to transmute released energy, thank both him and St Germain and visualise an indigo cloak that completely covers your energy field and is sealed around it. This protects you. Then sleep or rest. 

Of course you may also feel guided to work with crystals during this meditation. Amethyst, sodalite and lepidolite would resonate but always allow your own intuition to guide you. You may find that you also add or change parts of the technique yourself as that feels right. It’s all about your inner guidance so I invite you to go with that.  

Whatever works and aids you, and brings you to Love.

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