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The View

What shall I write about? Oh yes, maybe about our first viewing of a shop space! 😊

Today’s space was a fantastic project in North London for longer term pop-up shops.  As the Project Co-ordinator explained it in more detail to us I saw how great a fit it was as it was more than just the space.  It was a space with support from other tenants and the organisation itself, a type of incubator for shops and/or community spaces. As I have very little experience in the retail world (working behind a bar in Sheffield, selling T-shirts in a park in Peru) this is ideal.

No, no poker face for me but this isn’t the kind of transaction where that is needed.  These guys are all about  social impact, economic sustainability and showcasing unique and engaging projects. I don’t think our enthusiasm went unnoticed either and I really enjoyed being able to speak about the vision and work we have started to do; I felt my own crystal sparkle inside!

Now it’s up to the universe as to whether the timing is right or whether there is something else on its way.  Until then I’ll treat my imagination to a little creative space planning…

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