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From Me to We


It was difficult to sleep last night. So many ideas jostling for position. So many possibilities. But rather than get up at 2am and write them down I managed to encourage my excitable self to get some rest.

Things are starting to take shape, moving from the energetic to material plane. I can almost touch the dream.

Not only that but I am not alone. This solitary dream has connected and merged with others to form another. A collective dream.

And the Me becomes the We.

Our collective is forming too and I can sense those energetic cords reaching out to touch the Spirits that will join us. Like the vision of the shop I see them shimmering in the horizon.

And we are almost ready to announce ourselves to the World.

2 thoughts on “From Me to We”

    1. Hi thankyou! Getting ready to announce the next phase. You can find out more by checking out my other pages 365 Days and The dream oh and the first blog post “The Countdown Begins” love and light K x


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