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Messages from Berlin

Heads up on this post. I had a very strong reaction when viewing the remains of the Berlin Wall today. So much so that I felt a flood of energy come through. Messages, information which made no sense to my brain but was crystal clear to my intuition.

Walking down the stunning example of Communist architecture of Karl-Marx Allee brought back uncomfortable memories of moving through the streets of Moscow as a privileged 18 year old on a school trip in early 1989 more interested in scoring Vodka that learning about the profound changes rippling through the Eastern Bloc. I say privileged because we had Western currency and were welcome to eat cake in 5 star hotels and buy pretty things in Western only shops.
No doubt under the teenage angst this is where I first experience social exclusion in an extreme setting and it marked me with a desire to be inclusive which has manifested strongly this year.
So seeing this symbol of Exclusion today in the Wall felt like a milestone of how far I have come…and how far I still have to go.
But not just I I felt it represented the same for all of us. I was overwhelmed by the images of peace and love which now covered this brutal thing. Beauty from the Beast. The messages of hope smacked me not just in the face but the heart. Hope tinged with sadness and desperation. “Please let us find peace, please look after our planet, please don’t let this happen again. Please. Wake.Up.” Imploring, plaintive.

No this wasn’t at all blissing out on my cushion this was the bed-of-nails necessary discomfort I needed before I am ready to bring this space to life. As my guides are showing me that it’s not meant to be easy, all sparkles and light, and to be utterly grateful every day for everything I have.

And I truly believe it all starts with that. Soul deep gratitude even if the only thing you can be grateful for one day is breathing in and out. The first and continuing steps in our long and arduous journey.

“In Love. In Light. In Peace. In Hope. In Fellowship”

Namaste x

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