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So close 

We have moved today from one amazing city to another. My favourite city in fact.  Hamburg.  This city has everything. Great cafes and bars, a beautiful lake spotted with places to buy delicious German food and Alsterwasser (Hamburg’s version of Shandy), striking docks and beach clubs. Yes beach clubs, with sand, and an incredibly chilled out vibe.

We have friends here who are the best hosts you could hope for (both Taureans) and they always make sure we are always well fed and watered.  And I am sure the timing of this spa-like break is also related to what’s coming down the line because once I am back it’s going to be time for lists and project plans to get things up and running in less than a week!

Thinking about that I move from beside-myself excitement to total awe of what is happening. I started this blog 259 days ago giving myself until 1st November to manifest this dream and now it’s pretty much here. On my doorstep, patiently waiting and ready to take its first material form.

Ok well that just brought a lump to my throat and set some neurons firing so I think I’ll go and relax for a bit and enjoy that Hamburg hospitality.

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